What if you could access Facebook
without an Internet connection?

Now you can with P2Feed

The Problem

  • Global Internet usage is low, however mobile data use is on the rise.

  • In a 2G Network, downloading 25 news feed posts takes 20 seconds under ideal conditions.

2G Network Coverage

Our Solution

We have built a mock-up of the Facebook Android application that enables peer-to-peer connections.

This application allows a user to download posts from their peers in addition to Facebook servers because there exists a significant overlap between the news feeds of people living in emerging markets.

Check it out!

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Discover the potential for peer-to-peer sharing of Facebook news feed posts.


Explore our demo app and what data-sharing possibilities it offers.

Wi-Fi Direct

Learn more about Wi-Fi Direct as a peer-to-peer connneciton and data-transfer standard.