Cypress Frankenfeld


Peer-to-peer Data Transmission for Facebook

This prototype app reduces Facebook data consumption by sharing directly via peer-to-peer connections. This could help people use Facebook in areas of the world where network connectivity is poor.

Radical Gameplay Initiative

I created novel and fun gameplay concepts by rapidly prototyping games that use interesting input and feedback systems, such as heart rate monitors, 3D tracking, and VR. (In collaboration with Julian Ceipek.)

Webapp to Randomize Dominion Cards

A popular card game called Dominion contains many cards and expansion. I made this webapp to allow people to randomize and save dominion decks. It's designed to be fast, to be easy to use, and to look good on any screen size. It has a RESTful API.

Fit-Log: prototype iOS app for personal trainers

This project was an exercise in interaction design. We designed and built a prototype app from the ground up, from user interviews, to paper prototypes, usability studies, and front-end web design.

Team: Cypress Frankenfeld, Dana Lee, Noam Rubin, Sharon Tam.

Autonomous Glider


Goal: To build a glider capable of autonomous flight.

Outcome: We achieved a closed loop autopilot capable of turning and using PID control with accelerometers to level out again before landing. In addition, we built a simulation to better understand the mechanics and motion of a glider.

Team: Cypress Frankenfeld, Laurel Kroo, Theo Thompson, and Eric Westman.

X-Ray Digital Signal Transmission

As part of a NASA internship, three teammates and I worked on a device that transmits digital signals via x-rays. We made a proof of concept, and a demo that can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of x-ray transmission. In the future, this could be used to transmit large amounts of information over vast distances through space.

Smart Word Blocks

Think of fridge magnets. You can arrange them to make fun sentences! What if the magnets were "smart," and gave you suggestions for more words to add? Using QR codes on word-blocks, we did just that.

Bioinspired Radio-Controlled Armadillo Toy

As part of a team, I designed and built a prototype armadillo toy. It was able to curl and uncurl, roll while in the curled position, and move along the floor while in the uncurled position. It is all radio-controlled and driven by two servos. You can see the prototype demo video on youtube.

Investigation of Sex Education and Pregnancy rates

Goal: investigating the effects of abstinence-only sex education and comprehensive sex education on pregnancy rates, unwanted pregnancy rates, and age of first pregnancy for young adults and teens.

Comparison of Magnetic Monopole Simulation Programs

While I was interning at the physics department of the University of Kansas, I compared the outputs of two magnetic monopole simulation programs. Magnetic monopole simulations are helpful for physicists who are searching for magnetic monopoles. You can read the monopole simulation and detection paper that some of my work was incorporated into.


Neuroscouting (Summer 2012)

I worked as a web dev, front and back ends, using django. Most of my job involved displaying data in an easy-to-read way.

NASA Intern (Summer 2011)

I interned with NASA and worked on a couple exciting projects. My teammates and I helped build an x-ray system to transmit digital data and a thermoelectric cooler controller for a pico-satellite.

Olin College IT Assistant (2011)

I helped out at the IT department at my college, fixing broken computers.

University of Kansas Particle Physics Intern (Summer 2010)

I interned with professor Dave Besson at the University of Kansas to help compare some magnetic monopole simulations.

Tap Dance Teacher (2010)

I designed and taught a children's tap dance class at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Assistant Piano Teacher (2008-2009)

I taught piano to children at the Lawrence Piano Studio under the guidance of piano instructor Eric Sakumura.


Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

BS in Engineering with a Concentration in Computing, 2014.

A tiny, new, engineering school that is experimenting with new types of project and team-based education.